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The Time and Attendance Solution

A simple and effective staff management must be equipped with complete and fully available data: Micron is the intuitive and dynamic answer for the modern company, promoting the best development of Human Resources.

Versatile and Flexible

Micron is versatile and flexible

It’s being used in all business entities, for both public and private.

A fully Web-based Solution

Through its Internet-Intranet based structure, Micron can be operated from any workstation, thus optimizing the management for geographically distributed companies, branches, retail outlets, construction sites, taking advantage of the application according to fully configurable logics and authorization profiles, without needing any further installation of the software application.

Manages all HR time-related issue

It collects the stampings acquired with a parametric format, corrects all the anomalies, computers the acquired data, prints customizable reports and statistics.

The results can be interfaced with any payroll management procedure.

Optimizes the staff activities

Micron optimizes the staff activities with INFOPOINT.

The web interface allows the users to view all information related to them (present-absent people list, attendance stampings, personal data, totals, working hours and so on) and allows the department heads to manage decentralized offices.

Infopoint Web

The optimal tool for people on business trip, allowing them to send stampings from geolocated modern mobile devices, even assigning specific Reasons.

Micron and Infopoint Web

They can be installed on-premises under End User License Agreement or as Software as a Service (SaaS), a cloud computing solution in order to take advantage of a fully available, safe and constantly updated application, without all of the infrastructure and personnel costs of an on-premises deployment.

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MICRON is caracterized by:

  • A hardware component compose by Time and Attendance Readers (KARPOS STYLE MCT 700-900)
  • Data Acquisiton, Trasmissions and System Monitoring
  • A software of Time and Attendance System (MICRON WEB
Time and Attendance Systems

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