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Our Solutions
since 1986

Experience, Professionalism and Technological Innovation at the Companies service

Our team creates Tailor Made & Eco-Friendly Access Control and Security solutions, Time and Attendance and Shop Floor Data Collection, from project development to post-sales assistance.

We provide complete and customised solutions, putting in place all our know-how that, with experience and professionalism, always points towards new horizons and technological innovation.

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Tailor Made

  • Software Solutions analysis and development
  • Design and Implementation of Hardware products
  • Consulting and Training
  • Hardware & Software Assistance
  • Badge Service


  • Services with zero CO2 emissions
  • “No paper” Technological Solutions
  • Products made of totally recyclable materials
  • Headquarter equipped with high technological and energy efficiency standards
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Soluzioni Made in Italy
Blocca l'Accesso al Contagio


  • Misurazione temperatura integrata con il controllo accessi
  • Tutela salute e benessere dei lavoratori
  • Sicurezza e continuità del business
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