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MXP 450 v2
MXP 450
Multi-Access Control System
Microntel MXP 450 (Square)

MXP 450 Multi-Access Control System

The Multi-Access Control System is made of the Karpos Controller MXP 450, to which up to 16 readers Kleis, KK 503 and KARPOS KOMPACT, in order to handle up to 16 inlet entrances or 8 inlet/outlet entrances.

The connection between the terminal and the central system is available in TCP/IP, WiFi and GPRS. The communication towards the readers is ensured by the Local Bus module, with a maximum extension of 200 meters on two separate protected channels.

The Multi-Access Controller MXP 450 is equipped with connection interface with standard Wiegand and Clock-data readers.

The input/output signals of each entrance (electric lock, door status detection, cameras, push buttons, and so on) occurs thanks to the gate actuators KX 50.
Thanks to the versatile and flexible technology applied in realizing it, the terminal Karpos Controller MXP 450 is available for installation on DIN support or plastic housing.

MXP 450

Multi-Access Structure

Schema MXP 450 eng
MXP 450

Technical Specifications

  • Management of up to 16 readers KLEIS, KK 503 and KARPOS KOMPACT in order to control up to 16 inlet entrances or 8 inlet/outlet entrances
  • Maximum distance controller-readers: 200 meters on two separated protected channels
  • Connection interface with Clock-Data Standard ISO track 2
  • Possible connection interface with Standard Wiegand, upon specific configuration
  • 3 network connection interfaces: Ethernet TCP/IP (native), WiFi, and GPRS Linux architecture
  • Microprocessor ARM Cortex A9 512 MB RAM Memory
  • Flash memory: 8 GB Micro SDHC memory card, expandable up to 32 GB
  • Firmware updatable via download by server Installation on DIN support, also available with plastic housing


  • 2 Relais 24 V AC/DC, 1 A per actuators
  • 1 Digital input
  • 2 Configurable communication channels
  • 2 USB interfaces
  • 2 Local Bus channels


  • Standard housing- IP 65 Plastic waterproof panel board (HxLxP) 200x267x112 mm (12 DIN modules
  • DIN Support – Plastic box (HxLxP) 90×158,5×60 mm

Power Supply

  • 220 V AC Power Supply, protected by magnetothermal circuit breaker (5 amp)
  • Max consumption 15 W
  • Lithium battery 3 V rechargeable

Operating Enviromental Conditions

  • Operating temperature range: 0° to +50° C
  • Storage temperature range: -10° to +60° C
  • Humidity range: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Access Control

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