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Access Control

Maximum Protection and Safety

Micronpass: the Access Control Solution

MICRONPASS is the dynamic and versatile solution to ensure the highest protection in terms of Access Control and security.

Micronpass Web Real Time
Micronpass Web Real Time è il nucleo della soluzione di Controllo Accessi.


It handles the realtime security of areas and buildings, ensuring a complete monitoring of the secured sites.

It is born as a tool for definition of the access rules in controlled areas, providing a real-time situation of all the employees in the premises.

Micronpass manages:

  • Personals Details
  • Authorizations / exclusions
  • Password
  • Time zone controls and type of crossing

and issues summary prints of transits and alarms in controlled areas.

MicronApp: badge virtuale con smartphone

Web Solution

The complete web-based technology of this application enables Access Control anytime and anywhere in the world.

Through Internet and Intranet connection, it is available from any connected workstation.

Users may log in to the application according to configurable authorization profiles, without the need for further software installations.

Access Controlli App


The versatility of Micronpass WEB lets the users manage Access Control in different ways, according to the infrastructural needs, the safety level requirements and the entrances to be controlled.


Micronpass WEB is a fully scalable system, an optimal solution for both average-sized plants and large plants with thousands of entrances, in one or many locations, geographically distributed in several countries or continents.

Fully interoperable with anti-burglary, anti-fire, video-surveillance and building automation systems, Micronpass WEB handles security with the highest degree of flexibility.


It is integrated with the most modern and cutting-edge identification technologies and with advanced management systems.

Distributed Architecture

Micronpass is characterized by:

  • A hardware component composed by multi-access controls systems (MXP450)
  • Door Controller (KX50)Access Control Readers (wall mounted KARPOS KOMPACT series and door frame KLEIS series)
  • Data Acquisition, Trasmissions and System Monitoring
  • A software access control application (MICRONPASSWEB)

Micronpass is the comprehensive and technologically advanced solution in the world of access control systems, available in both the On-Line and Off-line versions.

The ON LINE version, based on a network infrastructure, is indicated to resolve any requirement for safety and control IN REAL TIME.

The OFF LINE version is indicated for the management of access control in sites without network and power supply.

Both “On Line” and “Off Line” versions can be operational in the same Access Control system.

Schema MXP 450 eng
Access Control

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