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Shop Floor Data Collection

Micronprod is the optimal tool to ensure a prompt and reliable management of all the events generated by the manufacturing units in the production workflow.


It offers all the required tools to meet the delivery times, optimize the production resources and check the manufacturing processes through statistical detection systems.

Real Time

It controls and monitors in Real-time the events generated by the manufacturing compound of a company, in terms of manpower, machine capacity, stock and maintenance, quality, and so on.

A fully WEB solution

Users can take advantage of the application by using an Internet-Intranet connection from any workstation in the company.

Users accounts are protected by configurable logics and authorization profiles, without any further installation of the software applications.


It can be integrated by modules and software procedures that supply all the tools to overcome the requirements related to the management, control and interactivity of the work flow.


It interacts with ERPs and schedulers, following the entire data flow from acquisition of a work order till the return of all analyzed data, such as work hours, produced quantities, timings, wastes and so on.


Each project, which is developed following dedicated analyses, can either follow standard requirements or be customized on purpose.


Micronprod is characterized by:

  • a hardware component composed by industrial touch screen PC
  • Data Acquisiton, Trasmissions and System Monitoring
  • A software of Shop floor data collection system MICRONPROD WEB
Shop Floor Data Collection System

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