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Controllo Accessi - KK 503 Gruppo Nero
KK 503 Series
Elegant and fully integrated Design objects

KK 503 Wall Mount Access Control Readers

Designed and crafted to ensure top-notch security, the Access Control Reader KK 503 identifies the card assigned to each user.

Its ground-breaking design ensures an easy fit in any work environment, including elegant and stylish settings. Its modular architecture expresses technology and consistency, and its wall mount design is aimed at meeting all installation requirements.

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology for multi-door control, a single Karpos Controller MXP 450 can handle up to 16 readers, with a maximum cabling length of 200 meters on two separate protected channels.

An intuitive and immediate user interface, providing acoustic and visual signals about authorized or denied access; a back-lighted keypad and capacitive fingerprint sensor interacting with the user and including PIN code or fingerprint entry features: all of this, and more, distinguish the wide versioning of the KK 503 line.

KK Series

Technical Specifications

Reading technologies

  • 125 kHz: Read Only and Read & Write
  • 13,56 MHz: ISO 14443 A Mifare®, ISO 14443 B, ISO 15693 Long Range
  • Average reading distance: 10 cm (for both frequencies)

Interfaces and versioning

  • Status LED in blue, green and red to confirm or deny the access (KK 503 series)
  • 12 numerical-functional key pinpad for PIN code management (KK 503-T series)
  • Biometric sensor equipped with capacitive technology;
    maximum amount of templates memorized = 9000 on 4MB RAM, expandable up to 19000 on 8MB RAM;
    enrollment and verification time: <1 sec;
    image resolution: 508 dpi;
    sensor area: 12.8 x 18 mm (KK 503-B series)
  • Connection interface to any reader with Clock-Data ISO track 2
  • Loc Bus connection interface
  • Local network burglar detection displayed on the main controller


  • Installation on flush-mounting box 503 (HxLxP) 85x119x5,7 mm

Power Supply

  • 12 V dc da Loc Bus

Operating Environmental Conditions

  • Operating temperature range: -10° to +50 °C
  • Storage temperature range: -10° to +60 °C
KK 503 Series

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