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Shop Floor Data Collection


MICRONPROD WEB is the reliable solution by MICRONTEL for the management of information within a company, aimed at offering all the tools to respect the delivery times, optimize the production resources and check the manufacturing processes through statistical detection systems.

MICRONPROD includes hardware devices and an fully Web-based data management software. MICRONPROD WEB controls and monitors in Real-time the events generated by the manufacturing compound of a company: manpower data, job data, machine capacity, stock and maintenance data, quality.

MICRONPROD WEB interacts with ERP’s and schedulers, following the entire path from the acquisition of a work order to the return of all analyzed data (worked time, quantities produced, timings, scraps…).

MICRONPROD WEB can be integrated by modules and software procedures that supply all the tools to overcome the requirements related to the management, control and interactivity of the work flow. Each project, which is developed following dedicated analyses, can either follow standard requirements or be customized on purpose.

The software MicronProd WEB performs in Real-time the control and the monitoring of all the events generated by the manufacturing units (manpower and machines).

MicronProd WEB provides prompt statistical feedback regarding quantities produced, work timings, analyses of scraps and unproductive times. Any potential criticality of the manufacturing process is pointed out accordingly.

For full specification dowlnoad the data sheet on the link bellow.