Shop Floor Data Collection


Shop Floor Data Collection

In the Shop Floor Data Collection field, Microntel has designed MICRONPROD, fully web solution in order to manage and control all the information coming from the production cycle. It also gives all the information useful to manage delivery times, optimizes production resources and checks the final stage of the product.
MICRONPROD is composed by:

    • An industrial PC

    • Fully web software to manage production events

MICRONPROD works in real time in order to manage the data collection and the online validation for monitoring men or machine events.
MICRONPROD interacts with different ERP in order to manage different stages of the activity (order collection, working time, quantities...).
MICRONPROD is equipped with different modules and software procedures to complete all the field of the shop floor data collection. Each solution can be standard or customized in order to match the customer expectations.