Our Mission

Microntel designs, produces, sells and maintains access control, time & attendance and shop floor data collection systems.
Microntel has been founded in Turin, Italy, in 1986 and has been involved in the field of data collection system since 30 years, driving its evolution with the most advanced technologies both on hardware and software.
Microntel’s customer care has allowed to serve, in the years, more than 5000 customers all over the world and some of them are considered big player in their reference market.
Microntel works with several sales/technical company partners in Italy and in Europe, Russia and Middle East.
Microntel’s team have been trained, in the years, in order to offer to the customers experience and know-how and it can manage all projects from the design to the roll out.
Microntel’s products are expression of a strong and refined look and they are designed from the Microntel Design Center
Several multinational companies, working on Building Automation and HR market, have chosen Microntel as technical partner.